c46420 tungsten nickel copper

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Tungsten Nickel Copper is a high-density alloy suitable for high-temperature environments and applications such as simple balancing and radiation shielding.AE Alloys™ are

Appearance: Metallic Solid

- C46420 Alloy

199239 · Common Fabrication Processes. No fabrication process properties for this alloy. Thermal Properties. No thermal properties for this alloy. Typical Uses. No



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Tungsten/steel diffusion bonding using Cu/W–Ni/Ni multi

201481 · Development of tungsten armor and bonding to copper for plasma-interactive components [J] J Nucl Mater, 258–263 (1998), pp. 160-172. ... Effect of

: Zong-hui Yang, Zong-hui Yang, Yi-fu Shen, Zhi-yang Wang, Jia-ling Cheng