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Aluminium / Aluminum 7175 Alloy (UNS A97175)

201373 · Machinability – of aluminium / aluminum 7175 alloy is easily possible. This alloy can be heat treated. It can also be hardened by cold working or heat treatment.


Rickard Metals | 7175 Aluminum Alloy

7175 Aluminum is a heat treatable forging alloy featuring superior strength and toughness. Combined with its ability to resist stress corrosion cracking and limited weldability, 7175


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7175 Aluminum Material Property Data Sheet - Suppliers

7175 is a high strength, heat treatable, forging alloy. It has an excellent combination of toughness and strength, similar to 7075 alloy except that the 7175 version has superior

Aluminum: Balance [PDF]

7075 - ALUMINIUM ALLOY - Voestalpine

201855 · NEAREST BS ISO STANDARD EN AW-7075 Al Zn5.5MgCu DESCRIPTION Heat treatable, very high strength alloy. Very high fatigue strength.

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